F & F

  • Located on Ground Floor
  • Nearest parking Ground
  • +968 24286796
  • OPENING HOURS : 10:00 A.M – 10:00 P.M
OPENING HOURS : 10:00 A.M – 10:00 P.M

F&F is a British inspired international fashion label that has a broad range of affordable fashion, for men, women and kids. F&F is now among the top fashion brands in Europe with over 1,800 locations worldwide. F&F stores feature men’s, women’s, and children’s ranges from new-born to 14 years as well as footwear and accessories. One of the latest retail brands to be represented by Al-Futtaim in the region, F&F now has stores in UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Jordan. Further stores are also scheduled to open this year in the UAE. The franchise agreement will also see Al-Futtaim represent F&F in other Middle Eastern countries in the future. F&F stores are located in the new extension of City Centre Muscat on the ground floor. For more information customers can call the store on +968 24286796 or visit the F&F facebook page: facebook.com/FF.