Household / Furniture / Carpets

There’s an excellent choice of household, furniture and carpet stores available at City Centre Muscat. Whether you are looking for a new mattress, dining table or complete bedroom design, we have everything you need under one roof. Plus, there is air-conditioning throughout and plenty of parking on offer, making shopping at City Centre Muscat so much easier.

Award-winning Home Centre is an excellent place to start with its vast range of home furniture. They have an impressive selection that appeals to a broad customer base, whether you like that retro, traditional feel or go for a more modern take on interior design. Choose from a vast selection of furniture, including bunk beds, wardrobes, clothes storage boxes, and dining chairs. Lifestyle is another popular choice selling a superb selection of home décor and furniture at value-for-money prices. Zara Home, part of the renowned international Zara brand, is a leading contender in the home furnishings market. Select from top quality contemporary furniture and competitive prices. There is so much to choose from within the City Centre Muscat.

Take a look at the household, furniture and carpet stores listed below and plan your shopping trip today.
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